Nov 30, 2013

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Want a Porsche? Go get one!

We are now being taught that we need to cut back on some things in order to live in today’s world while saving up for our future. Minimalism and austerity are the keywords in modern society, unless you’re rich. What if you, like me, want to own a Porsche so bad? Go and get one, I say. I’ve been seeing Porsches on the road (albeit rarely) and it just makes my itch...

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Nov 30, 2013

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Make it Mercedes-Benz

Sometimes, you just need to upgrade. Tired with your same old iPhone? Get an Android. Sick of your rented apartment? Save up for a condo or a house in the suburbs. Feel the itch to ditch your first entry-level sedan? You might want to go for a Mercedes-Benz. With luxury brands like the aforementioned German automaker offering up midrange and entry-level units at ever-affordable...

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Nov 30, 2013

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Owning a Jaguar

These days, it might not seem very practical to buy or even own a Jaguar...

Apr 30, 2013

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Selling Your Sports Car Successfully

When the time comes to sell a sports car, some people experience a strong...

Apr 26, 2013

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Introducing the Driverless Car

If you thought the invention of the internet was revolutionary, Google is...

Apr 26, 2013

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The First One Super SUV – Audi...

Audi presents at the international motor show of Geneva RS Q3, the first...

Apr 25, 2013

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BMW Z4: The perfect roadster

If уоur desire fоr fun outweighs practical nееdѕ, then a roadster...